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Tracy Chandler

Tracy Chandler

Been there, done that! Now looking out for the surprise! This summarises Tracy’s outlook on life –

at work and at home. Employable for most of the past 28 years working in newspaper newsrooms,

at the coalface of numerous and diverse trade publications, behind the lens recording the world go

by, being “nice” in agency and corporate public relations, and also general dogsbody and Jill of all

trades, the task of joint publisher and  with 10 years behind her as Editor of both Southern Africa

Shipping News and Fishing Industry News Southern Africa, is the pinnacle of an interesting career.

Bob Whitehouse

Bob Whitehouse

Bob has been working on Fishing Industry News Southern Africa and Southern Africa Shipping News

for 8 years. Prior to that he had worked specialising in marine and energy short term insurance in Lloyd’s

of London, NY City, Jozi and Cape Town. Food is a favourite pastime, both cooking and partaking, along

with diving for crayfish and exploring the West Coast, even if die taal is somewhat limited.  As joint

publisher he has his work cut out for him, but the gym will keep him fit for another 50 years!




Rory Haschick

Rory Haschick

Rory Haschick. Born and raised Eastern Cape, South Africa. BSc in Zoology and Chemistry; BSc Hons

and MSc in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science from Rhodes University; Higher Diploma in Business

Management. I got into fish via marine aquaria and fishing and this grew into an obsession with free and

SCUBA diving and into a career in ichthyology. I currently work for the Eastern Cape Development Corporation

in Investment & Trade Promotion including the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture.


Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston

Born 18 September 1935 (age 78 years), Walmer Estate, Cape Town. Played rugby for Thistles Rugby

Football Club of District Six and cricket for Glenville Cricket Club at Mowbray sports ground of which

I represented the Union teams. Attended -Zonnebloem College and Trafalgar High School. Married to Bonita,

a teacher, for 50 years (July 1963) and we have four children. Marc, Trevor and Jill (twins), and Karen

(Professor at Caledonian University Glasgow).

I have been involved in the fishing industry since 1959 as an abalone diver and lobster fisherman. My hobbies

are video & photography, scuba diving (open water certified), and reading (non-fiction especially history).

I am a member and associated with 12 international organizations and I have represented the World Forum of

Fisher Peoples at the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations since 2001. I have been involved since

1998 in 42 international conferences in most of the major cities around the world where I have done presentations

on food security and fishing issues. I have also contributed to numerous research papers,commissions, television

documentaries, radio programs, journals, and magazines.


Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards

Cape Town born and raised. Studied B.A. LL.B at the UCT. Later obtained a post graduate diploma in

tax law, and thereafter an LLM in commercial law (Shipping) also at UCT. I am the Managing Director

of Dawson Edwards and Associates, maritime law firm in Cape Town established in 1996. Other than shipping

and admiralty work, I have a strong specialisation in marine resources and in particular the fishing industry.

Our firm acts for a diverse range of maritime clients.


Brian Ingpen

Brian Ingpen

As a maritime author and educationist, I have a life-long interest in shipping, stimulated originally by boyhood

dockland adventures in Cape Town, South Africa. My interest was enlivened by service in the South African Navy

Navy and in Safmarine while the two closures of the Suez Canal (1956-1957 and 1967-1975) brought armadas of

ships to Cape Town, widening my shipping interests. I have enjoyed a 40-year career in education,including 11

years as a school headmaster, and, since January 1997, I have headed up the Lawhill Maritime Centre in Simon’s

Town. I have a Master’s degree in maritime transportation geography, and have published eight books on maritime

history. are video & photography, scuba diving (open water certified), and reading (non-fiction especially

history). I am also a regular contributor to Southern Africa Shipping News and several other maritime journals

as well as writing a weekly shipping column for the Cape Times, Cape Town’s morning daily. I am married to

Margaret, we have international conferences in most of the major cities around the world where I have done

presentations on food twin sons, two daughters-in-law and a grandson.


Dean Wingrin

Dean Wingrin

A forensic accountant by profession, Dean Wingrin has had a lifelong interest in aviation, naval and military history.

His photographs and articles are regularly published in local and international journals and magazines.

He acts as a military consultant to various print, radio, TV and internet journalists and investigative programmes.

He is the founder and webmaster of the popular Unofficial SAAF Website (www.

Contributing to Southern Africa Shipping News on naval and maritime matters, Dean is a published author,

his latest book being Tumult in the Clouds, a compilation of personal stories of those who served

in the South African Air Force from 1920 to 2010.



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