A local Cape Town newspaper has reported that a commercial fishing vessel and its crew of nine men was accidently fired at by a warship about 16km offshore Cape Agulhas.

The fishing vessel, a 28ft ski boat, launched from Struisbaai harbour in the early hours of the morning, was on its way to Twelve Mile Bank when it came under fire. According to the skipper there were three shots in quick succession which landed very close to the fishing vessel and which according to the newspaper report, "was so close we could smell the gun powder and so loud my ears were ringing."

The skipper says it was probably a case of mistaken identity as he had been aware of a naval exercise taking place within the Denel missile testing range at De Hoop which involved blowing up small radio-controlled vessels.

The matter was reported to the Cape Town Radio who contacted the ship's commander directly and who said the fishing vessel had been fired at in error.